Pharmacy Management

The Pharmacy Management Program offers an analysis of pharmacy benefit design, proposal development and implementation for Managed Care Organizations. The Oversight and Management of Drug Utilization Review programs include development of initiatives related to patient specific DUR and physician profiling and education.

How We Can Help

  • Physician Incentive arrangement development.
  • Design and / or oversight of pharmaceutical services provided to Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities, Other Institutional Facilities, and Assisted Living Homes.
  • Drug programs for Employers to: evaluate their costs, write requests for pharmacy proposals, design reporting packages, and help with benefit design.
  • Pharmacy Services Audits: Audit and review of all aspects of pharmacy services related to controlled substance management, delivery, administration, record keeping and disposition.
  • Contractual Auditing and Analysis: Rebate audits determine if the contractual amount of rebates have been appropriately paid to clients based on terms between the PBM and drug manufacturers.
  • Disease Specific Programs tailored to that client's needs.
  • Compliance programs for pharmaceutical companies.
  • Development and/or implementation of Physician and/or Patient Education quality studies in partnership with pharmaceutical companies.

Paula Straub Pharmacy Director

Clinical Pharmacist at PHD with more than 20 years in pharmacy utilization. She also has extensive experience in pharmacy management and the development of initiatives for cost-effective prescribing.

Paula is currently focusing on developing and instructing on the cost effectiveness and appropriate use of pharmaceuticals workign with physicians, health plans and conducting quality studies with pharmaceutical firms for disease management.

She provides weekly pharmacy tips to approximately 1,000 physicians on key research articles regarding drug efficacy, interactions, etc. in the IPA weekly newsletters and holds polypharmacy meetings with physician groups on their senior patient population. She established intervention educational programs including Antibiotic Intervention Program and Chart Review Reminder Program (for use of most effective drug therapy).

In her past experience managing pharmacy operations for three clinics she was able to improve the pharmacies profitability from approximately a $500,000 annual loss to self-supporting within 2 years.